What’s happening in NFL 2020: The most anticipated matchups

The NFL 2020 predictions for Week 2 are here, with the teams that are set to make the biggest impacts.

There’s a lot to look forward to, but here’s what to expect: -The Giants and Raiders have the most exciting matchup in the NFL right now.

-The Titans and Panthers are in for some interesting matchups in Week 3.

-There’s an intriguing matchup between the Saints and Ravens in Week 4.

-New Orleans and Denver are set for a thrilling showdown in Week 5.

-In Week 6, the Jets and Patriots face off in the AFC championship game.

The Raiders are in the NFC Championship Game.

-And in Week 7, the Seahawks and Steelers face off.

The Browns and Packers are set up to play in the divisional round.

The Bengals and Texans will be the two teams with the two lowest odds of making the playoffs.