Why Irish voters are more likely to cast their ballots for the Green Party than for the DUP

Irish voters will vote for the Greens at a record level this Sunday in the biggest turnout for a Green Party election in decades, according to an analysis of the party’s most recent electoral manifestos.

The Green Party is expected to make a comeback in the UK, where they currently enjoy only a slight lead over the DUP, but the figures show they will also win seats in several European nations.

The figures, published on Sunday by The Irish Independent, show that more than 3 million voters across the country are expected to cast ballots for Greens in next Sunday’s local elections.

The party has previously stated that it will be the first to run a full-scale campaign in Britain, after winning 12 per cent of the vote in the 2015 general election.

However, the party has never actually contested an election in Britain.

Green party leader Natalie Bennett said the election was not about a return to power for her party.

“There are no more seats for the Conservatives.

It’s a question of who can offer the most credible opposition to David Cameron, and who can get the most people to vote Green in 2020,” she said.”

We are the only party that can take on the Tories in 2020.

There is no choice, it’s time to vote Greens.”

The Green party has been one of the most successful parties in the European Parliament and is expected as the largest party in the next election, although the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are likely to form a minority government.

A Green Party MP has said the party would take on a leadership role in Parliament.