Why the 2018 Yankees are still a lock for a playoff spot

There’s no question that the 2018 AL East race is closer than ever.

And while it’s still a wild card race, we’re still talking about a top-three or four team with two playoff spots.

If you’re a Yankees fan, the only thing that could keep them there is a winning record.

That’s not a good thing.

But that’s exactly what the team’s front office and front office brass are hoping for.

The Yankees are entering a playoff year that could be the best in franchise history, and the staff is determined to stay focused on winning.

“I think we’re going to do great in 2018,” Yankees president Randy Levine said.

“We’re going all the way, and I think we’ll finish with maybe a little bit more than what we had in 2017.”

The team’s goal is to be in a playoff position again this season, which is exactly what owner Hal Steinbrenner wants, too.

“That’s the goal,” Steinbrundner said.

“[The 2018] schedule will be a lot more difficult than in 2017.

But we’re gonna do great.

I think there’s a lot of guys on this team that have a lot to prove this year.

I’m excited to see how they do.”

The Yankees aren’t just about the team itself.

They’re also about the entire organization, and that includes the front office, ownership and coaching staff.

So while the Yankees may be headed for another decade without a postseason berth, they’re also determined to make sure they have the best chance at winning it.

“There’s a great deal of pride in our organization that has never really been tested before,” Levine said of the front-office staff.

“In the last few years, I think it’s been a little more difficult, but the team has done a lot.

We’re really looking forward to this next year.”

The front office has a few key pieces in place for 2018.

The most obvious is general manager Brian Cashman.

He’s the one who brought in free agent lefty Chris Sale to a big contract in exchange for a big piece in the 2018 draft.

Cashman also is in a position to make changes with the team.

He already has the team set up with a new front office executive, and he has a number of players who will be available for the team in the offseason.

So there’s not much pressure on Cashman to make the roster changes, and his job will be to help the team get there.

He’ll also need to figure out what to do with a bunch of players on the DL.

The rest of the roster, meanwhile, will be the focus.

Cashmant has the power to bring in any free agent he wants, and while he’ll likely try to keep players like Brett Gardner and Josh Donaldson, he’ll also have to deal with some of the players in the clubhouse who are eligible for free agency this offseason.

That will likely involve bringing in another closer like Aaron Sanchez, but he also could look to add some of his young players.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Cashmante said.

The team also has to deal to the payroll.

It’s expected to be much more expensive than last year, but it won’t be a problem.

“Everything that’s been said about the salary cap has been true,” Levine noted.

“You’re not going into the offseason looking to sign anyone to a [significant] contract.

You’re looking to get a team that has money.

The biggest difference in 2018 is we’re looking for players who are willing to come here and be a part of the club, not just go to another team.

So we’re not looking for anybody that has a million dollar contract, but we are looking for guys that are willing and able to come.”

Cashmance said he doesn’t have any specific targets for the 2018 payroll, but when asked if the team could spend a little extra money on a free agent, he responded, “I don’t think we should be paying anyone to play in the postseason.

You’ve gotta have money to go to the postseason, so we’ll be looking to spend some money on free agents.”

The roster also will be significantly bigger than it was last year.

Cash has said that he’d like to keep some players around, but others will be free agents, and Cashman is going to have to work out how to keep them on the team long-term.

That includes adding a closer, but also getting back some players that were hurt last season.

That would be one of the biggest rebuilding projects in the history of the Yankees.

The organization is still a ways off from being able to do that, though.

There’s still plenty of time for some players to become free agents.

And there are also some big pieces that the front offices needs to find.

They’ll have to get some guys signed to long-