Watch the amazing journey of a child who lost his eyesight

A 16-year-old boy from the US state of South Carolina is hoping that he can use his newfound eyesight to help others.

Benjamin Mowles, who is deaf, has been able to communicate through the use of a pair of headphones.

But when he was eight years old, he lost his sight.

“I was trying to walk through the house when my mom noticed me, she was trying not to yell at me but she knew I couldn’t hear her,” Benjamin said.

“She just told me, ‘We are going to call your parents’, so I went to the kitchen and put my headphones on and I was able to hear her and I told her I couldn, she said ‘OK, I’m going to come over and check it out and let you know’.”

Benjamin’s parents decided to take him to the hospital for treatment.

“When we went to see him, they didn’t know I had lost my eyesight, they said they thought he was just being a little nervous,” his mother, Jennifer Mowle, said.

But she says it was the sight of her son’s new vision that saved his life.

“It was a huge moment for me, I didn’t even realize that we could do this,” Jennifer Mowe said.

Ben’s father, Joe Mowley, has spent the last seven years raising Benjamin and has spent years caring for him at home.

“He’s my life, my best friend,” Joe Mowe told News24.

“The sight of him, it’s a big part of his life, that’s why I’m so proud of him.”

Benjamin has a permanent laser eye implant and is in a full sighted condition.

“His new vision is really going to help us because he has a lot of mobility in his right eye, and I’m not sure if I would be able to do the same,” Jennifer said.

When asked how she thought the operation went, Jennifer said: “We did a really good job, really, really well.”

Ben Mowls vision is being assessed and the doctors are hoping to be able for Benjamin to get back to full sight as soon as next month.

Ben is lucky, but says it’s not just about his new sight, it is also about the rest of his future.

“Now I can’t do any of the things that I used to be good at, but I’m still going to be happy,” he said.

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