Why will I pay Rs 10,000 for rippling price prediction on Google’s app?

A little-known feature on Google Play that lets users predict the price of various products in real-time has raised the ire of a big name.

Ripple, one of the world’s largest payments companies, has partnered with Flipkart, one that operates a similar app for Android phones and tablets.

Rippling is a feature that allows users to enter their smartphone’s specifications, like its price, in the box beneath the device.

A similar feature called Price prediction lets users enter the price per unit, or per item.

In the past, Flipkard’s Price prediction app has been used by Flipkantra, the online shopping portal owned by Flip Kanta Group, which sells some of Flipkarts largest products.

It’s a similar feature, but for Google Play.

Flipkart is not the only online shopping app that has partnered up with Google Play in the past.

On Tuesday, Amazon.com, the world leader in online retail, also announced a partnership with Google to use Price prediction on its popular online grocery store.

Amazon’s announcement came after the Indian government announced that it would take a more active role in policing the online black market.

India is facing an estimated 1,400 online black-market transactions per day, according to the Indian Express, an online news portal.