‘The Simpsons’ predicts 2020 Winter Olympics

Fox News predicts 2020 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and says “The Simpsons” has predicted the games will take place in 2020.

The show made the prediction in a March 19 episode that was released on March 17.

In the episode, Homer and Bart discuss the future of the Olympics and Bart says the next one will be on February 3.

“If it’s a big event, like the 2020 Olympics, then there’s a lot of people who will be excited about it,” Homer says.

“But if it’s something smaller, like a college basketball tournament, it’s less of a buzz and people are probably a little bit more apprehensive about it.”

A “The Homer Show” tweet from March 19.

“The Olympic Games have been talked about for years.

What we’ve learned over the years is that the games have never really been big enough for anyone but the most ambitious.”

A second episode in the series, “The Bart Simpson Winter Olympics,” says the Olympics will be held in 2020 and “Bart’s favorite team is the New Zealand All Blacks.”

A third episode predicts the Winter Olympics will take on a larger theme.

“They’ll go all the way back to ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were founded by Zeus and the Games are a sort of ancient version of the Greek Games,” the episode says.

A Simpsons tweet from April 1.

“Olympic Games: They’ll be held at the new Olympic Stadium in 2020, but this time, they’ll be in a different part of the world.”