How to watch Korean baseball predictions with NBC Sports Live Extra:

Korean baseball has been dominating the headlines for the last two weeks, as baseball fans in South Korea have taken to social media to watch baseball games in person and share their predictions.

As of Tuesday, is reporting that the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is expected to clinch its fourth straight World Series title with a 6-2 win over the Japanese Softbank Hawks on Friday.

The KBO has now won every major baseball championship since 1936, winning two championships in the past three seasons.

MLB.TV will broadcast the game live on ESPN3.

MLB Daily Dish, a new service that allows fans to watch their favorite teams’ games live and stream them on their devices, is also reporting the game will be broadcast on ESPN.

“We’re very excited to bring back the Korean baseball game to ESPN, as the league has been doing a great job of developing their game,” MLB Daily Dish president Kevin Meagher told Business Insider.

“It’s the most exciting game for the fans and we look forward to the live viewing experience.”

ESPN’s coverage of the World Series has been the most impressive of any major American sports network.

Earlier this month, ESPN announced a partnership with HBO Sports to broadcast the 2017 Winter Olympics.

The network also announced that it will televise the 2022 Summer Olympics in South Africa.

“There is no question that our World Series coverage has been top-notch, and we’re excited to continue to work with ESPN and the world’s top sports networks to deliver more exciting coverage for fans and viewers across the globe,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement.