Which Republican candidate has the most ridiculous prediction?

Trump has a number of ridiculous predictions in his Twitter feed, which he has been retweeting and sharing with millions of followers.

He’s frequently predicting the election’s outcome, which often has no basis in fact.

And he’s made numerous false claims, such as that the US had voted to legalize weed in 2016 and that President Obama was born in Kenya.

His tweets have been shared hundreds of times, and many of his supporters have shared them as well.

Here are some of the most common.

The Republican Party Trump says the election will be a landslide “I’m very confident that the Republicans will win the Senate in November,” Trump wrote on July 22.

“I think the House of Representatives is also going to go to the Republicans.”

On August 5, he tweeted that the election “will be the most consequential since WW2” and that “the American people will be voting to change our country for the better.”

Trump tweeted that “this is an amazing day for the country.”

The president has also tweeted that he will nominate Judge Neil Gorsuch, who is currently serving on the US Supreme Court.

Trump has repeatedly said that the outcome of the election would have “a huge impact on the country,” which many of Trump’s supporters see as a threat to the US.

“We need to start thinking seriously about who is the leader of our country, and it’s not the guy who says the things he does,” Trump said.

“The leader of this country is going to be the American people.”

In his latest tweet, Trump predicted that the Republican Party would “win the House, Senate and Presidency,” and said that he would “take them all out and then we’ll see what happens.”

He also said that if he wins, “we’ll get rid of our immigration system and the government will come back in.

We’ll take care of everybody.”

In July 2017, Trump claimed that the House would be “bigger than the World Trade Center” and called for a “nuclear holocaust.”

“If we get rid [of the federal government] and we can just take our country back,” Trump tweeted.

“It will be the biggest thing ever.”

Trump has also repeatedly said he would be the “strongest president” in US history.

He has repeatedly referred to the election as “the greatest thing” ever, but has been accused of being inconsistent in his comments.

On January 10, Trump said that “a lot of people are going to lose their jobs” if he is elected president.

In May 2017, he said he could take “a hundred million or more votes and have a very good result.”

On February 8, he made a statement that was quickly criticized by some Republican lawmakers.

“If he wins,” Trump told Fox News, “he’ll be very, very, VERY proud.”