The most accurate predictions of the Georgia election

The Weather Channel’s forecast center has been predicting the election for the last two days and it has been pretty accurate.

In a forecast that will be shared on Twitter, the forecast center’s forecasts for Georgia have been in line with what other prediction centers have predicted.

It will be interesting to see how well the forecast is as the day goes on.

The forecast center will be updated at 5 p.m.

EST (11 a.m., GMT) with the latest forecasts from Georgia, as well as a full forecast of the election results.

Georgia election results: What to know The forecast centers forecast centers forecasts for most of the states are based on the models.

The model forecasts are a bit different from what the forecast centers have done so far.

The models have predicted Georgia as a tossup, but the models have also had Georgia vote for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

A separate forecast center for South Carolina has been projecting the election, but that forecast is still pretty close.

There are other forecast centers in the country that predict Georgia elections, but Georgia is the first to make predictions that go a bit further.

We are not the first website to make forecasts about Georgia elections.

The site Forecast Georgia has been making predictions for Georgia elections since 2013.