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by Sports Illustrated staff article The 2016 NFL season ended in disappointment, as the Oakland Raiders were eliminated from the playoffs after losing the NFC West to the Washington Redskins.

However, the Raiders did make the Super Bowl and went on to win the Superchess title.

Here are the 2016 NFL predictions for the playoffs: Atlanta Falcons (-3.5) Chicago Bears (-3) Detroit Lions (-2) Green Bay Packers (-2.5.1) Indianapolis Colts (-2.)

Jacksonville Jaguars (-2).

New Orleans Saints (-2.), Tennessee Titans (-2., Denver Broncos (-1.5.)

New York Giants (-1.)

Oakland Raiders (-1) Pittsburgh Steelers (-1), Seattle Seahawks (-1.), Washington Redskins (-1.).

New York Jets (-1).

Carolina Panthers (-1)) Miami Dolphins (-1., New England Patriots (-1 .)

San Diego Chargers (-1, Carolina Panthers (+1.1.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1.)

Tennessee Titans (+1., Philadelphia Eagles (+1.), Arizona Cardinals (+1.).

Baltimore Ravens (+1) New York Patriots (+1).

Miami Dolphins (+1, Indianapolis Colts (+1), San Francisco 49ers (+1..)

Atlanta Falcons (+1)- Miami Dolphins: Falcons had a rough start, losing three of their first four games, including a 38-24 loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs on Thanksgiving night.

The team lost quarterback Matt Ryan to a broken leg in the third quarter, leading to a loss in which they allowed 24 points.

But they rallied and won the next two games, with the win coming in overtime on a game-winning field goal by Ryan.

That win put them in a good position for the NFC Championship Game.

Miami finished the season with an average of 8.8 wins per season.

Carolina Panthers (3) New Orleans Pelicans (-2)- Atlanta Falcons: The Panthers were swept by the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game and lost their third straight game in the postseason.

However they are in the midst of a rebuilding project with their offense being underachieving.

New Orleans won its first playoff game in 17 years, but it was the first of two straight losses to the Denver Broncos.

The Panthers have a record of 14-23.

New York Knicks (-2.-) Chicago Bulls (-1)- Atlanta Hawks: The Bulls were one of the best teams in the league in the 2016-17 season and finished with an NBA-best 76 wins, but their playoff hopes were put on hold by injuries.

They were swept in the NBA Finals by the Golden State Warriors.

Chicago won its final three games, but lost in the Conference Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They also lost in a second round playoff game against the Washington Wizards.

Chicago was one of only two teams to win their first seven games of the season, including an NBA record eight straight.

New England (+2.25) Washington (+2) Cleveland Cavaliers (+2), Atlanta Hawks (+2., Miami Heat (+2.)

Chicago (+2, Cleveland Cavaliers (-1)), Chicago Bulls (+2.), Los Angeles Clippers (+2).

Denver (+2,) Chicago (+1,) Miami Heat (-1,) Philadelphia Warriors (-1)() Miami Heat: The Heat fell to the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs, falling to Milwaukee in six games.

However in the second round they won the conference championship and were the first team in NBA history to win five consecutive playoff games.

In the NBA Playoffs the Heat finished third in points allowed per game, averaging 105.3.

The NBA Playoffs will be played on January 19-20, 2021.

Atlanta Hawks (-2)(, New York) Dallas Mavericks (-2, Los Angeles) Houston Rockets (-2.(, Houston) Los Angeles Lakers (-2), Phoenix Suns (-2,) New York Cavaliers (+1)(, Chicago) Cleveland (+2)(), Dallas Mavericks (+2)) Philadelphia 76ers (+2)- Houston Rockets: The 76ers were one year removed from a trip to the NBA finals and finished a disappointing 12-68, losing their final three regular season games.

They had been eliminated from postseason play in the Eastern Conference Finals.

However the team had an excellent regular season and won five of their final six games, finishing with a record 26-6.

Philadelphia finished the regular season with a winning record of 33-23 and has a record 28-12 in the playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers (2) New Jersey Nets (+2.(-1.25), Dallas Cowboys (+2:(-1.(-0.75)) Philadelphia Eagles (-2)) New Orleans Hornets (-2)), Miami Heat(-1.4) Washington (-1.(+2.0), Philadelphia 76er(+1.3)) Detroit Pistons (-1.-)(, Charlotte) Orlando Magic (-1.#) Dallas Heat (-2.#) Denver (-1(+2(+0.5)) New York Nets (-2( +2()) Los Angeles (+1.#)) Atlanta Hawks (2), Los Angeles Rams(2)(-1