How to watch Emmys on mobile and tablets on January 25, 2018

Emmys nominations are finally here and the Oscars are back in the news.

The Emmy nominations are on Monday and they will be broadcast live on TV on ABC and NBC and online on ABC, CBS, and NBCUniversal’s NBCUniversal app.

Here are the most important dates for Emmy nominations: January 25 – ABC: ABC will air the ceremony live on Twitter and YouTube.

February 9 – ABC, NBCUniversal: ABC, the broadcast arm of NBCUniversal, will broadcast the Oscars live on NBC.

February 16 – NBCUniversal and HBO: HBO will air a live Oscar Party at NBCUniversal Studios in Los Angeles and HBO will host a live Oscars Party on HBO Now.

March 2 – HBO: The Oscars will air on HBO on March 8.

March 9 – HBO, CBS: HBO, the network that airs HBO and Cinemax, will air Oscar Party and HBO Live on April 4.

April 12 – ABC and CBS: ABC and ESPN will air Oscars on the ABC Television Network on April 16.

April 16 – CBS: CBS will air an Academy Awards telecast on April 17.

May 5 – CBS, ABC, and ESPN: CBS, the two networks that airs CBS and ESPN, will hold a live Academy Awards ceremony on May 10.

May 11 – CBS and ABC: CBS and CNN will air live Academy Award telecasts on May 12.

May 18 – CBS on CBS, ESPN, and ABC, ESPN: ESPN will host the Oscars on May 25.

May 25 – ESPN: The show will air Sunday on ABC on May 26.

May 30 – ABC on ABC: The live Oscars will be streamed on the Internet on ESPN.

ESPN’s Oscar Party will also air on May 31.

June 7 – CBS (or ESPN): The show, which will also be streamed live, will be simulcast on the CBS Sports Network.

July 7 – ABC (or NBC): The Oscars are broadcast on ABC in the United States on July 14.

July 16 – ABC is airing live on the Web on ABC News.

August 3 – ABC Sports: The Live Oscars will also stream live on ABC Sports Live, and

August 12 – ESPN is broadcasting Oscars on Aug. 19.

August 18 – ESPN, ABC: ESPN, the sports network that broadcasts ABC, will host Oscars on Sept. 2.

September 7 – ESPN and ABC Sports, ESPN2: ESPN is airing Oscars on ESPN2.

September 14 – ESPN2 and ABC News: ESPN2 is airing the Oscars.

September 19 – ABC News, ESPN (plus ESPN Radio): The network is airing an Oscars Live broadcast on Sept 24.