How to get more of your iPhone 6 Plus text messages, calls, Facebook and WhatsApp from your iPhone

A new version of the Apple Watch app lets you customize the color and style of your Apple Watch face, and even customize your Apple Pay details.

Apple Watch app update is coming next weekThis is a major update to Apple Watch, but there are some big changes as well.

First, the app is a bit easier to use.

The new watch faces look much more elegant than the first version, which was the only Apple Watch complication to look the same.

It’s a huge improvement over the messy mess of the first time you tried to see an Apple Watch.

The app also has some new features:The first time I tried to send an SMS with the app, I had to go into the Watch’s Settings app and tap Messages.

I then entered a text, which would be sent to the phone.

(There was no way to send messages to someone else, and no way for me to see the message.)

I found that when I tapped Send, the message appeared on the screen with a message box on top of it.

I can’t remember how long it took to send a message.

When I tapped the Send button, a new text field appeared on top.

This text field is different from the other three fields that you can create.

You can see the new text in the image above.

This new feature makes sending and receiving texts a lot easier.

Messages appear on the right side of the screen, so you can see if you have sent them to your contacts or just sent a quick text to yourself.

It also lets you edit the text field to include your address, and your name, phone number and other personal information.

You can also make new text messages with a single tap.

You simply tap a number, and the next time you tap the Send box, the new message appears on the left side of your screen.

This update to the Apple Watches complication was a huge one for Apple Watch fans, because it made it easier to send and receive messages on Apple Watch without ever touching your phone.

Now you can do the same with your iPhone.

Apple Watches are a pretty popular category of watches, so this is an exciting update for Apple and for Apple Watched fans.

It could be an even bigger update for watch lovers, who have already been using a variety of Apple Watch apps on their phones for years.

If you’ve been using Apple Watch in the last few months, you’ve probably seen a lot of new features coming to the Watch in this update.

Apple Watch is expected to launch in the fall.